The man who was later known as the "Keeper of the Flash" was a simple lighthouse keeper's attendant on Lighthouse Island, located off the coast of the United States during the 1940s. In the summer of 1944, a strange meteor crash landed on the island. The lighthouse keeper and his attendant investigated the crash site and soon learned that when light was channeled through a fragment of the meteor, it created a beam of destructive energy. Seeing this as a great opportunity to make money, the attendant killed his employer and then sent letters out to the American, German, and Japanese governments. He offered to auction off the meteor to the highest bidder.

Both the Nazis and Imperial Japanese plotted to send minions ahead of the auction date to try and steal the meteor. Suspecting this, President Roosevelt sent Captain America and Bucky to make sure that America won the bid.

When the Keeper spotted a three way battle between Captain America, Bucky, and the Nazi and Japanese forces the night before the auction, he used his meteor fragment to blow up the Nazi and Japanese subs in the hopes of sending them away. However, the Axis agents managed to subdue Captain America and Bucky and the following day threatened to kill them if the Americans attempted to bid for the meteor weapon. However, Captain America pleaded that General Haywood bid for the weapon despite the threat to his life. When Haywood began to bid against the Nazi and Japanese agents, the Axis forces attempted to assassinate Cap and Bucky.

In the confusion, a Nazi agent stabbed the Keeper in the back, killing him. However, a freed Captain America got hold of the weapon, causing the Nazi and Japanese agents to scatter. Cap deciding the weapon too dangerous for any nation, then used the weapon to destroy the rest of the meteor and then Bucky tossed the fragment into the ocean.[1]




The Keeper briefly wielded a meteor fragment of unknown composition. When light was filtered through it, it created a destructive beam of explosive energy with sufficient destructive capability to destroy a pair of submarines.

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