Kegger 24-7 was a planet where its inhabitants partied every time. It was presumably the first of the many planets that fell victim to Id, the Selfish Moon, which became crazy after leaving Ego's company. Kegger 24-7 and it inhabitants were turned to space dust by Id's powers to generate seismic cataclysms, and then sniffed by Id, causing it to feel intense euphoria, prompting it to keep looking for planets to destroy and consume.[1]

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Kegger 24-7 had on its orbit a giant sign, bigger than the planet itself, inviting interstellar visitors to come partying.


The inhabitants of Kegger 24-7 were humanoid aliens who bore a strong resemblance to the Centaurians for their head structure: they had a fin on their back and pointed ears. Unlike Centaurians, they only had two fingers and an opposable thumb, two toes, and arched legs. Their skin was purple.

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