The designs for the Ringer battlesuit were later used by another criminal named Keith Kraft who re-established the Ringer persona. He would prove to be as inept as Davis initially was.

The Ringer teamed up with Coachwhip and Killer Shrike to attack Moon Knight during the events of the Acts of Vengeance, a plan to destroy superheroes. He was defeated quickly and, stunned, he accidentally ensnared Shrike in his rings while trying to hit the Knight. Shrike escaped while the Knight captured Coachwhip and the Ringer.[1]

The Ringer was later employed by Justin Hammer, alongside Blacklash and Barrier. He attempted to trick Thunderbolt II into stealing some experimental aircraft plans, but was foiled by the Hulk and the ancient society known as the Pantheon.[2]

Kraft showed up at Stilt-Man's funeral at the Bar with No Name where the Punisher poisoned the drinks and blew up the bar. Only medical attention prevented the Ringer and other villains from dying.[3]

The Ringer was part of Osborn's Shadow Initiative.[4] He accompanies the team to liberate the Negative Zone prison.[5] Ringer later assisted Hood into fighting Counter Force.[6] He was then defeated by the Avengers Resistance in their last assault at Camp Hammer.[7]

Ringer later joined the Shadow Council's Masters of Evil.[8]


The second Ringer used equipment similar to the original's, including ensnaring rings.[1]


Hover-platform; open, two standing places. Its controls can be wrestled from him.[1]

The second person to bear the Ringer identity and costume.[1]

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