Keiv was an Hyperborean gambler and thief who operated in Zingara, until he was forced into seclusion in the Pictland, where he used to live in a treehouse furnished as a sultan's palace. When asked by Conan and Tetra about the treasure map, he said he had both halves in his possession, but, since he ran into trouble with Captain Delmurio and the Zingaran military, he lost one half in the process and the other was destroyed, although he managed to carve a copy of it on Delmurio's body. Since he bargained with the high priest Kawagne to teach him about the world of civilized men, while he would provide safety and warriors, he took Conan and Tetra to Nostume, but they managed to escape their fate thanks to Delmurio's timely intervention. Transformed into a shapeless, repulsive man-thing by Nostume, Keiv was then sent to track them down and kill them all[1].
Keiv tracked the group down an Argossean trading post near the Aquilonian border[2].
He finally reached them on an island west of Argos, where he warned them about Nostume's evil plan to sacrifice them in the Well of Souls[3].
He also warned Conan about Tetra's possession, feeling guilty for having betrayed him to Nostume, and ventured on the island with the Cimmerian[4].

Keiv (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 178 001

Keiv in humanoid form

Believed a swamp beast, he was pierced by the arrows of the king's guard of Becharadur, but he woke up unharmed and joined Conan in the royal splendour of the court, without being able to become even properly besotted, though[5].
While wandering in the great forest of Shem with Conan, Keiv was kidnapped by the witch queen Ren as part of her plan to escape Imhotep's wrath. Keiv was eventually rescued by Conan, whose magical amulet also kept him safe from Imhotep's massive kill[6].
When Keiv and Conan visited El Shah Maddoc, the Hyperborean thief persuaded the Cimmerian into rescuing Maddoc I from Maddoc's Reign, in order to win the favor of his son[7].
Keiv saw Conan returning to the city with Imhotep. The next morning, they both helped the Cimmerian assaulting Maddoc's castle[8]. Keiv was eventually returned to human form by Tetra, as instructed by Conan[9].
When Conan was trying to secure Jahli's future as the legitimate heir to the throne of El Shah Maddoc, Keiv thought the Cimmerian would eventually get rid of the child and seize the crown for himself[10].
Keiv helped Conan fight off Ybn's entire army of assassins[11].
Keiv then joined Conan in his military service on behalf of rebel Prince Irham[12].
Actually not fit for military life, Keiv abandoned his guardpost, looking for wine in a nearby village[13].
Keiv persuaded General Freja not to attack the beast that ravaged a village in Koth[14].
When Red Sonja was found unconscious, badly beaten, and sexually assaulted in the Kothian wilderness, Keiv took her to the camp and watched over her[15].
When Kaleb decked Conan for grabbing Solaise, Keiv was asked by Anneka to stop them, but he just ran away[16].
When the Cimmerian's path and his crossed, Keiv was a confidence man operating out of Pictland; since then, he had spent the majority of his time trying to stay alive[17].
Like his comrades, he mourned Mad Simeon at the funeral pyre[18].


Near-impervious to harm

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