Kelly was born with reality warping powers due to being conceived in proximity to a Universal Nexus point, for a time she was suicidal as her abilities gave her cosmic awareness across the multiverse and left her with the knowledge that there was no happy ending for humanity, during this time her powers affected her mind causing to begin abusing them, including using them to kill. The Intelligentsia ordered the Super Skrull to kill her to prevent her from becoming a universal threat but she was saved by Captain Marvel and Moondragon. She was convinced by Rick Jones to alter reality so she never received her powers, but they were instead seemingly transferred to her younger sister Donna Kooliq.[1]

Power Grid [4]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Kelly was a living nexus of realities, possessing vast cosmic awareness and significant reality manipulation powers, drawing objects and matter from countless alternate realities.[2]


Kelly lacked the ability to create matter and objects from nothing; for example, no perfect world existed in the multiverse, so she could not create one in her reality.[2]

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