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Kelsey Riordan

Kelsey Riordan was a criminal who was active in the 1940s. By 1947 he had broken out of prison multiple times, apparently each time he was captured by Captain America. However the details of these captures, such as which Captain America was his opponent, are unknown.

During his most recent break out from state prison, Riordan decided to come up with a method to outsmart the authorities. Seeing a bullfrog hop past him, he was inspired to make a frog themed costume and dubbed himself the Bullfrog. Learning that Hollywood actress Yvone was in town, the Bullfrog sought to steal her valuable emerald pendant. He broke into her hotel room as she was being visited by Fred Davis Jr. and his classmate Snipe Gooligan. The Bullfrog then knocked the three youths out, and not noticing Snipe palming the necklace, he began ransacking the hotel to find it. Reviving, Fred changed into Bucky and attempted to stop the criminal, forcing him to flee.

Later the Bullfrog targeted the yacht party where Yvone's manager was throwing a party in her honour. There he was confronted by Captain America who forced the Bullfrog to flee the scene, with Cap in pursuit. Attempting to fleet the hero, the Bullfrog came across a well where coincidentally Fred was attempting to capture frogs (in a vein attempt to win over Yvone's affections by providing her frogs legs) and attempted to drown the boy. Swimming past the well, Cap heard the boy's screams and smashed through the well and easily defeated the Bullfrog.

Riordan was then turned over to the authorities, his subsequent fate is unknown.[1]


As the Bullfrog, Kelsey Riordan wore a frog themed costume which was equipped with springs on the feet which allowed him to make leaps in a single bound. His suit was also coated with frog slime that supposedly allowed him to swim through water faster.

  • Kelsey Riordan's Bullfrog costume has many similarities to the one invented by Vincent Patillio AKA the Leap-Frog who first appeared in Daredevil #25. Despite the similarities, there is no known connection between Kelsey Riordan and Vincent Patillo.

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