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Kelvin's mother was a Serbian Nobel Prize winner, and his father was China's most renowned nuclear physicist. At the age of 13, he graduated summa cum laude from MIT. At the age of 15, his first IPO earned over a hundred million dollars on its first day. Unfortunately, his own parents shorted him, viewing him as little more than a one-hit wonder.[1]

Feilong Industries and Mutantdom

Five years later, Kelvin returned to the public sphere as the leader of Feilong Industries, whose name he now shared. After the success of his second IPO, consisting of massive innovations in biology and climate science, Feilong sought to extend his developments to aid in humanity's conquest of Mars, altering his body to make it suitable for the red planet's climate. However, this too was cut short when news from the Hellfire Gala broke out about Krakoa's terraforming of Mars and its new status as the mutant world Arakko. Met with the destruction of yet another dream, and having everything he ever wanted out of his reach, Feilong began his campaign against mutantdom.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Artificial Enhancement: In his efforts to contribute to humanity's conquest of Mars, Feilong altered his body so that he could survive the planet's climate. This has granted him:

  • Self-Sustenance: Feilong's altered body allows him to survive on Mars without the usual gear required by most astronauts.


Skilled businessman and scientist

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