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No Foot on Mars[]

Kelvin Heng was born to a Serbian Nobel Prize winner and to China's most renowned nuclear physicist.[1] Despite both of his parents being mutants, Heng was born human, which he resented them for.[2] At the age of thirteen, he graduated summa cum laude from M.I.T. and was already an agnostic. At the age of fifteen, his first public offering earned over a hundred million dollars on its first day.[1] While his parents unconditionally loved him,[2] Heng falsely claimed they shorted him for viewing him as little more than a one-hit wonder and disappeared forever with his resources.[1]

Five years later, Heng returned to the public sphere as the leader of Feilong Industries, whose name he now fully adopted. After the success of his second offering, consisting of massive innovations in biology and climate science, Feilong sought to extend his developments to aid in humanity's conquest of Mars. As an initial test of his technology, he turned a lifeless desert green. For years, he carefully designed his plans and altered his body to make it suitable for the red planet's climate. However, his wishes were cut short a second time following the Hellfire Gala, when the mutant society of Krakoa's terraformed Mars in a pompous act, transforming it in the mutant world Arakko. Met with the destruction of yet another dream and having everything he ever wanted out of his reach, Feilong determined to combat mutantdom.[1][3]


Feilong was approached by Henry Peter Gyrich, who asked him to continue his mission to colonize Mars on behalf of the anti-mutant organization Orchis. Feilong agreed, stating that he would work for them if he succeeded, or be their martyr if he failed.[4] Enhancing himself with cosmic radiation using Ruby-Quartz lenses,[5] Feilong made his way towards Phobos to claim its territory. He was immediately approached by the X-Man Sunfire, who demanded him to leave the Arakkii lands. During their discussion, Feilong was met with resistance from the Arakkii warrior Vornak. Feilong vaporized Vornak and set about transforming Phobos within days into a permanent Orchis base above the mutant world.[6] As part of Orchis, Feilong assumed the operations and offense branch of the organization.[7] He was actively in charge of bringing Chinese children to meet the facilities in Phobos in the name of Feilong Industries.[8]

On Phobos, the X-Men identified the corpse of Nightcrawler and the presence of Adamantium, which were held by Feilong. The X-Man Wolverine went on a mission to retrieve the Adamantium, which was part of Lady Deathstrike's body. Feilong was able to notice Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike attempting to escape, but was unable to stop them.[8]

Feilong vs. Stark[]

At the subsequent Hellfire Gala, Feilong and his fellow Orchis leader Doctor Stasis had assistance from Moira against mutantkind. They planned to attack mutant resurrection. During the festivities, Feilong attended the party even though he had not been invited by the host Emma Frost. There, he interacted with Tony Stark about the future of mutantkind. They debated the Mutant colonization of Mars, with Feilong finishing the conversation by sharing his intention to find an opponent to match him.[9]

Holding a personal vendetta against Stark and the Avengers for allowing the terraformed Mars to fall into disrepair following their confrontation with Ex Nihilo a few years prior, Feilong decided to use his resources to wage war on the mutants. Assassinating major Stark Unlimited shareholder Zhong Wei and buying his shares, he found himself the new owner of the company, and immediately shifted its primary production to mutant-killing Sentinel robots.[10] He gained further popularity after an attack on a Sentinel production plant by Iron Man and War Machine: the millions in property damage (and dead factory foreman killed by Orchis member Nimrod and planted on site) got War Machine locked up and forced Tony Stark to go on the run.[11]

Feilong's Stark Sentinels played a leading role in Orchis' attack on the final Krakoan Hellfire Gala and their threat was instrumental in sending most of mutantkind into exile.[12]

Feilong spent the next months trying to terminate Stark and his associate, Emma Frost of the X-Men, sending Sentinels and repurposed Wolverine corpses after them.[13][14] However, he was eventually defeated in Australia by Iron Man and Magneto.[15]

Although the trio teamed up to destroy Stark Sentinel factories and to ward off Nimrod once his betrayal of Orchis was revealed, this collaboration was short-lived. Believing Feilong's wealth and influence would allow him to avoid the consequences of his crimes, Stark instead imprisoned Feilong on Planet Arakko in a dome specifically designed to hold him.[16]


Power Grid[21]
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Artificial Enhancement: In his efforts to contribute to humanity's conquest of Mars, Feilong altered his body so that he could survive the planet's climate. This has granted him:

  • Self-Sustenance: Feilong's altered body allows him to survive on Phobos without the usual gear required by most astronauts.

Feilong's additional enhancement via cosmic rays granted him:

  • Energy Blast: Feilong is capable of emitting beams of devastating energy from his mouth.
Feilong also possesses a so far undefined scale of enhanced durability, seeming uninjured after Iron Man struck him hard enough to go flying across multiple city blocks.[17]


Skilled businessman and scientist


  • Feilong claims that Nikola Tesla is his ancestor,[1] but the real-life Nikola Tesla did not have any children. While Marvel Comics' Nikola Tesla does have a hidden adopted son, Leonid, their relation plus Tesla's survival were both kept secret.[18][19] Alternatively, Feilong could have misused the term "ancestor" and instead descended from one of Tesla's many siblings.

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