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Ken Ellis originally worked for the Daily Bugle, reporting on sightings of the Scarlet Spider.[2]

Ellis worked alongside Ben Urich and, when Ellis investigated the "Great Game" Urich's nephew Phil Urich, the Green Goblin at the time, rescued him when Joystick attacked Ken.[3]

After several years of quiet investigative reporting and minimal interaction with any superheroes or villains, Ellis recently tumbled into a confrontation between Spider-Man and Deadpool while trying to dig up information on corruption within the U.S. military. Luckily for Ellis, he survived the encounter and received help from Deadpool as well as Cable in gaining the evidence he needed to write his story.[1]

Ellis then returned to work for the DB!. His current whereabouts are unknown.[citation needed]

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  • Gave Ben Reilly the moniker of "Scarlet Spider".

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