Quote1 Into the jungle, men! We'll have a better chance ... Quote2
-- Ken Masters src

Ken Masters was an adventurer and explorer working closely with Professor John Roberts, plantation owner in Florida. He visited exotic and dangerous places around the world.

In the summer of 1939, Professor Roberts went to seek hypnotic diamonds from the Amazon Jungle. After he had been missing three months without word, Masters decided to go to after him with the professor's nephew Tim Roberts. They were followed by neighboring plantation owner John Crafton and his cronies. Crafton had also heard about the diamonds and planned to get those by secretly following Masters's plane, although they were noticed by the adventurer before the landing.

However, the plans of both parties were destroyed after the landing to the upper Amazon rainforest, when they were all captured by English-speaking tribesmen. Masters and younger Roberts were put to the same prison hut where previously captured professor Roberts was. They surprised even more when Roberts showed them an escape hatch in the hut floor. They went through and found the diamond cave but unfortunately, Crafton's group was also imprisoned to the hut with an escape hatch. Crafton tried to take the diamonds at gunpoint but returning Indians killed him and his men with poisonous darts. Masters, the professor and the boy were able to flee and retrieved John Crafton's plane to fly home. John Roberts had been able to get one hypnotic gemstone with him.[1][2]


Ken Masters was an experienced brawler and handy with different firearms.


Masters had access to the hypnotic diamond of Professor John Roberts, but it's supposed mesmeric powers remains unrevealed.


Ken Masters had access to various airplanes.

  • Centaur Comics also have characters explorer Ken Masters and Timothy Roberts, the son of Professor Tod Roberts adventuring in Amazon region.[3]
  • Having been created nearly 50 years earlier, he must not be confused for the Street Fighter character of the same name.

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