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Quote1.png Greetings, citizen. I am Koi Boi, defender of New York and protector of the scales of justice. Quote2.png
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Ken Shiga is a computer science student at Empire State University and secretly the superhero crimefighting partner to Chipmunk Hunk, known as Koi Boi.[4]

Ken studying at ESU

Koi Boi has also fought alongside Squirrel Girl, against villains like Hippo the Hippo,[4] Ratatoskr,[5] Swarm,[1] and Mole Man.[6]



Koi Boi has several marine and aquatic powers including:

  • Marine Zoopathy: Koi Boi can communicate with fish.[4]
  • Aquatic Physiological Adaptation: Koi Boi's body appear specially developed for underwater conditions including the ability to breathe underwater.[1]
    • Enhanced Strength[7]
      • Flopping: Due to his enhanced core muscles, Koi Boi can flop his body to leap great distances similar to the leaping abilities of Squirrel Girl and Chipmunk Hunk.[8]
    • Enhanced Agilitiy[7]
    • Superhuman Speed: Koi Boi can swim at super speeds.[1]
  • Growth Retardation and Alteration: Koi Boi claims to be able to grow very slowy to fit the size of his container.[4]
  • Magneto-Navigation: Similar to some types of fish, Koi Boi has magnet-sensitive cells that provide him with an innate sense of direction while navigating Earth's magnetic field.[8]


Communication with Squirrels: Due to lessons from Squirrel Girl, Ken has learned to communicate with squirrels.[9]



Fish-Eye Googles[4][10]


  • As Koi Boi, Ken is very fond of using fish-related puns like calling others "chums", replacing "see" with "sea", and talking about the "scales of justice".[6][11][12][3]

Ken seen wearing a chest binder while changing


  • Ken favorite pop culture figure is Zorro.[10]
  • Ken lists his likes as justice, no crime, and talking to fish. He lists his dislikes as injustice, lots of crime, and not talking to fish.[11]
  • While helping Squirrel Girl develop an online dating profile, Ken reported he has already dated with optimum efficiency.[2]
  • Ken is a fan of Namor the Sub-Mariner.[3]

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