Quote1 I see you've come to fight, it's pointless. You're weak, you're outnumbered, the Black Clan has protected The House of Yashida for over 700 years. We are grateful for your protection of Mariko, but there's one more sacrifice you must make for her family. Quote2
-- Keniuchio Harada src

Harada was a member of the Black Clan, a clan of Ninjas loyal to the Yashida family. He first discovered Logan during Master Yashida's "funeral," in which he covertly assisted Wolverine and Yukio in attempting to prevent the kidnapping of Mariko Yashida.

He searched for Logan and Mariko throughout Nagasaki, directly reporting to Viper in the process. Eventually, along with the rest of the Black Clan, he tried to prevent Logan from entering the abandoned research facility in which Mariko was held captive. He and the Clan pelted Logan with anti-Adamantium arrows (a poison provided by Viper), incapacitating and capturing Wolverine.[1]


Extreme Targeting: Harada possesses an intuitive aptitude for targeting that is reflected highly in his ability to hit distant targets, and is also useful in identifying and tracking one target among many.

Marksmanship: Harada is a skilled marksman who, from a young age, excels at archery. He is able to accurately hit a moving target from an incredible distance.


Arrows: Harada has a quiver filled with arrows that are either traditional or poison-tipped.


Bow: Harada has a regular Japanese bow.

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