Kenjiro Sasaki was the infant of the husband and wife who were kidnapped by the villain Doctor Demonicus. After experimenting upon him to grant him superhuman powers, Demonicus created the identity of the Big One for Kenjiro. In this capacity, he was used guard the technology and equipment for Demonicus' purposes. Members of the hero team Avengers defeated him and imprisoned Kenjiro.[1]

Doctor Demonicus later had Kenjiro restored to normal in order to win over public relations as he established Demonica as a recognized nation under the U.N.[2]


Kinetic Energy Absorption/Conversion: As the Big One, Kenjiro could absorb up kinetic energy and convert it to physical strength or channel it into seismic attacks. By channeling his absorbed energy into the ground, Kenjiro could create a localized earthquake. Kenjiro's attacks were often entirely involuntary. Also, the intense wind generated by the gigantic toddler's crying could bowl over his opponents.

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