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Kennedy Space Center was the primary launch center for human spaceflight for NASA, located on Merritt Island in the state of Florida. The site was the primary base of operations for launches for the Apollo and space shuttle programs.

Mar-Vell maintained a secret identity and worked at "The Cape" for an extended period time.[1]

Sometime after, the Avengers and Rick Jones took Captain Marvel to an understaffed hospital in Cape Kennedy, hoping that Dr. Donaldson would cure a strange form of radiation he absorbed in the Negative Zone. Thanks to the Vision solar power, the doctor managed to save Mar-Vell's life, but the two were rendered unconscious. Meanwhile, the Kree Sentry #459, which was held under military surveillance at the Cape, was revived and fought its way into the hospital room where Mar-Vell was being kept.[2]
During the ensuing battle, the Sentry's mission changed to capture Mar-Vell and initiate plan Atavus, eventually managing to teleport away with Mar-Vell as its prisoner. Reporting the incident to Chief of Security Carol Danvers (actually impersonated by the Super-Skrull), the Avengers made their leave to search for Mar-Vell.[3]

The Avengers investigated acts of sabotage that were being performed there by the Dire Wraiths.[4]

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