Ken is a car mechanic from Pittsburgh who receives the Star Brand from the mysterious Old Man he meets in the woods while dirt-biking. Ken tries to use his powers to help others, but usually finds his efforts thwarted by the complexities of the real world, his own personal failings and his unwillingness to publicly reveal himself. At first, he was given a costume by the Old Man based upon his dirt-biking suit, which was allegedly as invulnerable as he. However, he rarely had the chance to change into it during a crisis and eventually its invulnerability was exposed as an illusion. [citation needed]

Later, Connell attempted to become a traditional superhero, donning a spandex bodysuit and mask to openly thwart terrorists on several occasions. However, this superhero career was short-lived and led to disaster. Though intelligent, he was self-involved and lacked the imagination and curiosity that would allow him to understand and wield the brand to its fullest potential. However, things would change when he learned of what he thought was the origin of the Star Brand from the Old Man. After killing hundreds in a comic convention, he eventually decided that he would be better off without his powers, and unintentionally caused the destruction of all of Pittsburgh (the Black Event) when attempting to transfer the brand to a non-living object. [citation needed]

Soon after, Connell would be confronted by the Star Child, the Star Brand-powered newborn son of his, who took the Brand away from him. As well The Witness, a spirit-like paranormal who witnessed Connell's actions, would cause him to be killed by driving him off a cliff, though the Brand would revive him. He would confront the Star Child, along with the Old Man and two other bearers. The Star Child realized that Connell was in a perpetual timeloop and, to close it, the three men bonded and took off for parts unknown. He would return during World War III, stopping humanity's self-destruction and taking blame for both White and Black Events.[citation needed]


Incredible strength, flight, impervious to most attacks. See Star Brand (Object) for more information.


Experienced motorcycle racer.

  • Kenneth Connell is a non-practicing Catholic who was born 09-27-61.

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