The Old Man was the first known wielder of the brand. Originally he claimed to be an alien warrior engaged in a cosmic struggle against conquerors who desperately wanted to steal his power for themselves. Later it was revealed that he was a centuries-old Dutch trader who had received the Star Brand from a blast from the sky and had been kept alive by its power. After his failure to get rid of the Star Brand by placing it on an asteroid in space (and thereby causing the White Event), he returned to Earth and gave the brand to the first person he encountered, Ken Connell. Later regretting this decision, he attempted to trick Connell into giving the brand back to him, and failing that, resorted to terrorizing Connell on numerous occasions. After being defeated by Connell several times, he was revealed to be an older version of Connell himself who had been thrown 500 years into the past by the Star Child. [citation needed]


Seemingly those of Kenneth Connell (Earth-148611)#Powers.

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