Kenneth Crichton was next in line to take on the identity of Union Jack, but refused, stating that his friend Joey Chapman was better suited to be the new Union Jack in which Chapman agreed.[3]

Suffering from anemia and feeling estranged from Joey as Union Jack and his recently rejuvenated mother, Lady Crichton, Kenneth became an easy target for Baroness Blood, who turned him into the new Baron Blood as a "cure" for his anemia. The Baroness used Kenneth and several other vampires to obtain the Holy Grail, which gave her immunity to sunlight and the other traditional weaknesses vampires had, but she didn't want to share this power with other vampires and destroyed the Grail. The sun rose and Kenneth and the other vampires all died, despite Union Jack's efforts to save Kenneth.[4]

However, a spell mismanaged by Blade and his father inadvertently brought every vampire who ever died back to un-life, including Kenneth.[5]

As Baron Blood, Kenneth joined Dracula, Lord of the Vampire, and his Vampire Nation in his campaign against London. He attempted to recruit his mother, Spitfire, to the cause. Spitfire and MI-13 ultimately manipulated Dracula's forces into ruin, and Jackie asked her lover Blade to end Kenneth's un-life, since she couldn't bring herself to do it.[6]

Power Grid[8]
Energy Projection1
Fighting Skills3
* Lower Strength and Durability at height of illness
Power Grid[9]
Energy Projection3
Fighting Skills3
* As vampire


As a vampire, Ken possessed enhanced strength (lifting 2 tons), speed and agility. He could mesmerize with a glance, turn into mist or a bat, did not age and regenerated from injuries.


He has some knowledge of wrestling.


He was vulnerable to garlic, sunlight, silver and holy water, needed to drink blood to survive and to sleep on a layer of his native soil, and could be destroyed by a wooden stake through the heart.

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