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The past history of Ken Hale of Earth-9904 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the 1950's. In this reality, he would also become the legendary Gorilla-Man. When FBI Agent Jimmy Woo would seek out super-humans to help him take down international terrorist Yellow Claw, he would send Marvel Boy and Jann of the Jungle to Africa to recruit the Gorilla-Man. After rescuing him from a pack of hungry lions, Gorilla-Man would agree to accompany Marvel Boy back to the Untied States where he would join Marvel Boy, 3-D Man, Venus and the Human Robot in forming the Avengers. Gorilla-Man would be testy, and when would lose his temper when 3-D Man would comment that their base smelled like a "zoo" taking offense to the believed slight. The fight was soon broken up by the other members of the Avengers.

They would soon be called to task to rescue Jimmy Woo and President Dwight Eisenhower who were captured by Yellow Claw and his cohorts. Gorilla-Man would help his comrades defeat Yellow Claw's agents, aiding in knocking out Cold Warrior, Skull Face and the Great Video himself. The Avengers would succeed in recovering Eisenhower but Yellow Claw would escape. After returning the President to the Oval Office, he would tell the group they would have to disband in order to avoid public hysteria[1].

However, the Avengers would either refuse to disband or reunite and be part of a security detail protecting Vice-President Richard Nixon during a public appearance at a California Fourth of July celebration. Gorilla-Man would hide in plain sight by posing as an intelligent ape that was part of a carnival freak-show. Unknown to the Avengers, Nixon was secretly replaced with a Skrull who was attempting to destroy Americas space program. Hale and his comrades would clash with Wasp and Captain Marvel, two Avengers from Earth-616 who had traveled to their reality to stop Immortus from causing a chronal anomaly in this reality. Gorilla-Man his friends would find out too late and fail to stop Immortus from slaying the Skrull-Nixon and erasing their reality with the Forever Crystal to prevent humanity on this world from developing space travel beyond Earth's solar system. Gorilla-Man and his friends were eliminated from existence as a result[2][3].

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