Kenneth Kincaid, Jr. was a busy office worker. One night while working overtime, his family called him from the hospital where his father was hospitalized to tell him they expected him to pass away in a few hours. Kenneth rushed to the hospital, but missed a taxi, so he decided to stop by a grocery store to buy cigarettes since his packet was empty. He stumbled into a robbery, but luckly then-debuting vigilante Spider-Man intervened and webbed up the robber. Spider-Man left when the police arrived, and Kenneth was held up further by the officers for interrogation. Kenneth finally arrived at the hosptial during dawn, and managed to tell his father goodbye before he passed away. During the following years, Kenneth continued living his life in close proximity with his family, including his wife Ellie, his sister, his nephew Carl and his niece Judy.

Kenneth Kincaid, Jr. (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 801 001

Kenneth when he was younger

One day when Kenneth was taking Judy to Chinatown, they were part of a crowd witnessing a fight between Spider-Man and the Inner Demons. One of the henchmen fled to a subway entry with an important briefcase, but Spider-Man couldn't catch him since he was being swarmed by the rest of the Inner Demons. Kenneth shot out his foot to trip him up, giving Spider-Man enough time to web him up. Kenneth took the briefcase and handed it over to Spider-Man. When the Wall-Crawler expressed his gratitude, Kenneth told him they were even, since years ago he had saved him. Since he didn't remember that particular case, Spider-Man asked Kenneth what did he do, to which Kenneth replied he got him to quit smoking.

After Spider-Man left, midly confussed by what Kenneth said, Kenneth was surprised that Judy brushed him off, arguing she'd rather had seen other heroes in action. The ones that when they save the day, they save the whole world. Kenneth asserted that Spider-Man does that too, since every person he saves means the world to somebody, which made Judy change her opinion on Spider-Man.[1]

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