Professor Kenneth Robeson was an archaeologist who searched for ancient artifacts in the Brazilian rain forest. During one expedition he discovered an ancient carving that resembled the Thing of the Fantastic Four. Robeson traveled to New York City seeking the expertise of the Fantastic Four's leader Mister Fantastic for his input on the discovery. However he arrived during a period in which the Fantastic Four believed their leader to be dead or missing. Busy with a mission to locate proof of Mister Fantastic's fate one way or the other, the Fantastic Four had to turn down Robeson's request for help. [1]

Hiring an unscrupulous guide named Mico, Robeson continued his search for more information regarding the strange carving. They soon came across a massive temple whose creators worshiped creatures that resembled the Thing. Inside they discovered a device that could transform individuals into Thing-like creatures. Seeing this as an opportunity, Mico took it for himself, but Robeson managed to escape long enough to send a distress signal to the Fantastic Four. The Thing, and the Invisible Woman traveled to the rainforest with their allies Kristoff Vernard and Lyja. Sue, Lyja and Kristoff were captured by the Things and transformed into Thing like creatures themselves and set to attack the Thing. [2] The Thing was later joined in battle with the Sub-Mariner, and the pair held off the attackers until the temporary nature of the transformations wore off, but the Thing was seriously injured in battle. [3] Robeson assisted the Fantastic Four in using the device to change the Thing back into Ben Grimm, healing him of his serious injuries, although it did not cure the scars that Grimm had on his face at the time. Robeson pointed out that the device could be used to change Ben back and forth between his human and Thing forms and assisted the Fantastic Four in removing the device from the temple to return to their headquarters in New York. [4]

Robeson's subsequent activities are unknown. The Thing later sacrificed the strange device to help the Fantastic Four and other heroes to create a weapon to combat Onslaught. [5]

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