Born in 1921, Powerhouse was 15 when a bolt of lightning originating from the Entity on the Moon struck him. Developing superpowers, he ascended to the barn, and called for his parents, hoping to show them off, then strike out as a super-hero to combat America's enemies. His father, assuming he had been driven insane attempted to stop him, briefly stopped by Powerhouse's show of strength (something his father believed temporary, driven by insanity). After turning to continue to show his powers, his father grabbed a weather vane, then struck the young Powerhouse, knocking him out. Taken to see Doc Bates at the county asylum, Powerhouse was placed in a straightjacket, which prevented him from gaining the proper leverage to use his super-strength. Thinking he was mad, he was kept in the asylum for 55 years before the county ran out of money and was forced to release him, by which point he had truly been driven insane. Taking a job at a radio station, Powerhouse spent his free time demolishing rocks in quarries to prove his strength, designing a costume, and dubbing himself Powerhouse.

When Strangers members Atom Bob and Grenade were visiting a bookstore in Berkeley, Powerhouse decided to confront him, venting his rage on his life's misfortunes on the pair. Despite Atom Bob disappearing, Grenade was able to eventually best Powerhouse, who then jumped away.[1]

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