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Professor Sturdy was an assistant to Baron Heinrich Zemo, where he helped design the machine that eventually transformed Simon Williams into Wonder Man. The Count returned to his home in New York where he found his employees complaining about how the battle with the X-Men cost Nefaria his fortune and they were no longer being paid. They asked about their back-pay and Nefaria explained that when Project N was completed, he would enjoy dismissing them. Professor Sturdy spoke up, exclaiming that he was worth the money he was owed, as he was the first assistant to Baron Zemo.

Nefaria quickly interrupted Sturdy's speech by arguing that Zemo's machine might have transformed Simon Williams into Wonder Man successfully, but it failed to transform Erik Josten into Power Man as easily, leaving Josten a 'pale imitator'. When Nefaria's Lethal Legion arrived, Professor Sturdy used the Project N machine to increase their powers.[2]

Sturdy's effects were only temporarily as the real purpose of Project N was to allow Count Nefaria to absorb the powers of the Lethal Legion into himself. As the battle between Nefaria and the Avengers was going on, Professor Sturdy crawled his way from the wreckage of the now-destroyed Project N, mumbling about how Nefaria was a fool.[1]

Sturdy stole Count Nefaria's Rolls-Royce and drove it through a police barricade to Avengers Mansion, where he confronted Count Nefaria and explained that there was a side effect of his power augmentation: Nefaria was aging at an incredible speed. He then explained that only he would have been able to halt the aging process and then died of an apparent heart attack.[3]



Professor Sturdy had no superhuman powers, but was a skilled scientist and inventor.

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