Keno Barkerton was the leader of the Barkerton Gang, one of the deadliest gangs of owlhoots in the Old West. Barkerton and his men stumbled upon Tombstone Valley while looking for a new hideout to use to lay low from the law. The Valley turned out to be the perfect location and, in addition, the men found a tremendous gold deposit in the area. The land had belonged to the Indians of the valley, but the Barkerton Gang were able to drive them out with their superior firepower. Barkerton soon discovered that the gold strike was too big for his own men to mine, so he began capturing anyone who ventured into the Valley and forcing them to mine the gold for him. Within just a few short months, Barkerton and his men were incredibly rich, and he created an almost impenetrable fortress for his operation. It seemed that no one would be able to stop him and he began to call himself the King of the Valley, and even fashioned a gold crown for himself.

The Rawhide Kid, who had been looking for the Barkerton Gang for months after he was wounded by Barkerton in a shootout, went to Tombstone Valley to help free the husband of a woman he met in the nearby town of Tombstone Flats. The Kid allowed himself to be captured, in order to see exactly what it was he was up against, only to see the largest wall ever built west of the Rio Grande. The Kid was taken to the King, only to realize that it was Barkerton himself, the man he had spent months chasing.

The Kid was sent to the mines to work as a slave, but soon attacked the guards and rallied the slaves to revolt against the Barkerton gang. The Kid blew the nearby dam that kept the Valley from flooding, after he and his new allies had climbed the hillside to safety, leaving Barkerton and his men to flee out of the massive compound. As they exited the giant wall, Barkerton realized that he and his men were surrounded by a large Indian war party, bent on revenge for having lost their land. Barkerton was never seen again.

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Keno Barkerton was an owlhoot and leader of his own gang of outlaws. After becoming the richest man in the Tombstone Territory, he hired a small army of men to guard his compound. Barkerton was a decent shot with a pistol and an adequate horseman.



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