About a week after Spider-Man appeared in Manhattan, Wolverine emerged in Washington, DC and battled man-eating Hulks; Ghost Rider rescued Wolverine and, believing him to be one of the children of the Wolverine of his era, brought him to a former mutant containment center in Fort Dawson, where Wolverine met an older, one-armed version of himself. Another timestorm tremor somehow increased the Hulks' intelligence, and they dug a tunnel from DC to attack Baltimore; the X-Men, Ghost Rider, and both Wolverines battled the Hulks there. Recalling his past, the older Wolverine sent Ghost Rider and the younger Wolverine to the Smithsonian Institute in DC to find Doom dying in his underground lair. Touching Ghost Rider's mask, Doom cybernetically implanted information into him and sent him to Manhattan to find Cerebra and deliver a message detailing how she could take over Doom's role in keeping the two eras from collapsing.

Corrupt tycoon Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn)'s Dark Avengers, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine-616 defended Earth-616's present from the 2099 Hulks. Kenshiro used his cybernetics to take control of the Iron Patriot's armor and used him to fly to New York City. When Zero arrived, he allowed Cerebra to touch the last of his human flesh, transmitting to her Doom's message explaining she had to sacrifice her mind and body to save the timestream, just as he had. [1]


Seemingly those of Kenshiro Cochrane of Earth-928.

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