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Quote1.png If I see D/Monix anywhere near the outer roads of Transverse City... then the Ghost Rider will be back to finish off the rest of you. Quote2.png
Ghost Rider[src]


Before he became the Ghost Rider, Zero was a gang member on the outskirts of Transverse City. One of the ways he made a living was hustling, as shown when he scammed a newcomer out of all his credit and hover car parts.[1]

Kenshiro Cochrane (Earth-TRN767) from Ghost Rider 2099 Vol 2 1 001.jpg

One day Zero's gang the Hotwyre Martyrs decided to board a D/Monix transport truck with the intent of stealing power cells, and Zero jacked his mind into the security system. When the others discovered the truck was carrying an android not power cells, Zero noticed a self destruct activate in cyberspace. He warned his friends but ultimately everyone on board was killed.

Zero's consciousness was sent to the Ghostworks, where he met its king, Blaze. Blaze explained that Zero's father had been the one to trigger the self destruct, and Zero agreed to a deal in which he would return to earth more powerful than before but in exchange would do "odd jobs" for Blaze.

When he awoke it was in body of the android that D/Monix was transporting, and he quickly disabled the SHIELD agents guarding it, stealing one of their hover bikes. He then returned to his girlfriends repair bay where they took out a rival gang, The Artificial Kidz, who were sent by D/Monix to capture him. The new Ghost Rider then proceeded to storm D/Monix headquarters and murder his father.[2]



Android Body: after having his soul transferred into a robotic vessel Zero has gained enhanced speed and strength.


  • Advanced hacking and computer skills
  • Skilled cyclist (motorcycles and hover-bikes)



Hellsaw (flaming chainsaw)


Hoverbike (stolen from Shield).

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