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The son of the retired and famous assassin Cape Crow, Kento was kept sheltered and raised away from his father's past. As a child he and his family would travel the world from one remote location to another, such as Monster Isle, the Savage Land, the Arctic Circle, and the sunken city of Shicheng.[1][2][3]

After Cape Crow went into hiding due to a hit put out on him by the Assassins Guild, Kento put out a counter-bounty on his father, promising far more money (that Kento didn't actually have) if Cape Crow was captured alive.[1]

These two bounties led the assassins Elektra, Scalphunter, Lady Bullseye, and Bloody Lips to Monster Isle, where Kento was impersonating Cape Crow.[1] Elektra, finding out the truth about Kento's identity and the false pretenses of his bounty, agreed to help Kento anyways, helping him find Cape Crow and defending them both from the other three killers and the rest of the Assassins Guild.[1][4] Elektra even grew to consider Kento to be a friend.[5]

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy: Kento Roe inherited a more powerful version of his father's telepathy, able to read minds and control people's perceptions of their surroundings.


  • Kento is very inexperienced in the use of his telepathy, sometimes losing control of the power and able to be easily beaten by a more skilled telepath.[2][6]

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