Kestle was with the other members of the Mutant Liberation Army when Zero confirmed that whatever caused the temporal storm was reversed which allowed their timeline to reconstitute itself. Kestle mentioned that even if it took months to correct it in the past it would be hardly more than a blimp in their time.

Kestle was then at Stryfe's side when he explained the history regarding himself, Apocalypse and him being denied his rightful place due to being a clone. Kestle tried to snivel before Stryfe by reiterating that when all is said and done he would be the one standing victorious. Stryfe didn't like Kestle trying to mewl in front of him and mentioned that if Kestle valued his life he would speak to no one about the conversation.

Kestle followed Stryfe to the past as he made a deal to supply weapons to the country of Transia in exchange for providing a safe haven for all mutants.[1]

Kestle appeared from the time portal sometime later disappointed that the Transians have not kept up their end of the agreement and told them if they kept on doing what they have been doing, Stryfe would come back there in greater force to do away with them. This provoked Commandant Constantin to have his men shoot their weapons at Kestle in which killed him and threw his body back through the portal as a declaration of war.[2]

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