Quote1 Our laws are different than yours, Badrock. That's all there is. Quote2
-- Ka-Zar src

Kevin Plunder seemingly had a similar history with his Earth-616 counterpart. When they were young, Kevin met Zabu and they became each other's surrogate family. He took on the name Ka-Zar and married Shanna the She-Devil and befriended Wolverine.


Ka-Zar was kidnapped by the Savage Land Mutates and taken to Arcadia. He was rescued by Badrock, Wolverine, and Zabu and the four heroes defeated the Savage Land Mutates and the Dinosauroids. During the battle; however, their leader, Tyrax, escaped. Afterwards, the Dinosauroids were depowered and the Savage Land Mutates were exiled and Badrock took Wolverine back to Professor Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.[1]

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