The Kezankian Mountains of the Hyborian Lands served as the border between the steppes of Turan, Zamora, and the Hyborian Kingdom of Koth.[1]


When the Devourer of Souls was bellowing his pain high atop the Kezankian Mountains, Xuthl appeared to him, demanding repayment of the debt owed him for the loan of his Shedu. In order to repay his debt to Xuthl, the Devourer was commanded to find the most beautiful and unspoiled maiden in the western kingdoms and sacrifice her unto Xuthl, but first the Devourer would have to win the girl to himself by love. The Devourer then found the most perfect and unblemished maiden in the land and teleported to the southern Aquilonian province of Poitain to begin his seduction of her.[2]

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