Warpriest Kh'oja is one of the most senior warpriests within the sect of the Wrath of the Fallen, one of two rivalling sects on Patchworld.[1]

At some point, he decided that he wanted to learn the identity and location of Eternity's Children; three superpowered beings who, according to an old prophecy, are destined to either save or destroy the universe. To achieve this goal, he impersonated the four members of Power Pack and stole several artifacts of importance to the Patchworld Synod that would allow him to locate the Puzzle Planet, where the sacred information regarding Eternity's Children was supposedly hidden. To keep Power Pack from intevering, and at the same time steal valuable equipment from S.W.O.R.D., he had them arrested and replaced on Earth by four Skrulls.[1]

With help of Franklin Richards, Power Pack was able to escape captivity and discovered Kh'oja's true plan.[2] After a fight with the warpriest himself, Power Pack set off to find the Puzzle Planet first. Kh'oja caught up with them again just as Power Pack managed to solve the final riddle and open the room where the prophecy was supposedly hidden. However, all Kh'oja found inside were the skeletal remains of those who found the puzzle planet earlier, and a set of boxes that all proved to be empty. When Power Pack noticed the room was being sealed shut again, they quickly escaped. Unwilling to give up the information he sought, Kh'oja stayed behind and was thus trapped inside the room.[3] It's unknown if he ever escaped afterwards.

After escaping, Power Pack realized that the boxes were just a decoy, and the information regarding Eternity's Children was actually hidden in the three puzzles. Based on what they had seen, they determined that the location of Eternity's Children was in fact, Earth.[3]

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Seemingly those of Aelfyre Whitemane of Earth-616. Warpriest Kh'oja is skilled in the use of all four of the fundamental forces, and has been trained in 12 different schools of combat theology.[2]

Like all Deviant Skrulls, Kh'oja has the power to shapeshift.

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