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The origins of the creature that would come to be known as KhLΘG are shrouded in legend and mystery. According to legend, Gitche Manitou, the "Great Spirit" in the lore of the Keewazi tribe, emerged from Giizhigong into an endless void of nothingness eons ago and created light, but his shadow cast by the light became a sentient, malevolent entity. This shadow entity wished to destroy all that Gitche Manitou had created, so Gitche Manitou took away the entity's physical form and banished it out of the newly-created realm of life and into nothingness.[3] As a result, Gitche Manitou's shadow became known as "KhLΘG" which is a Navajo word meaning "enemy."

KhLΘG can only re-enter the world by borrowing shapes that are not being used so it chooses shapes that men believe but that do not exist. He first attempted to return by taking the forms of the monster known as Orrgo, but was defeated by Keewazi father and son Chief Silent Fox and Will Wingfoot.

Later, KhLΘG took the form of a murderous shadow creature from an urban myth started by one Terry Szenics, but was opposed by Dr. Strange with the Eye of Agamotto. Soon after, KhLΘG was briefly encountered by The Human Torch and The Thing in the sewers of New York disguised as the Golden Gator. KhLΘG retreated from the fight when the street above the sewers began to collapse.[1]

Years later, KhLΘG once again attacked the Keewazi people, this time kidnapping children in the form of the Sage-Wolf. KhLΘG was defeated by Will Wingfoot's son, Wyatt, after Wyatt recited the oral legend of the hoop snake, a creature that ate its own tail until it devoured itself completely. Dr. Strange then cast a spell to keep the creature at bay for a number of years.[4]


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KhLΘG is a shapeshifter who can adopt any form that is not being used. These are usually characters from fictional narratives (like urban legends) but it can also take the shapes of real beings who have died (or are believed to be dead) and whose shapes are thus not being used.

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