One of the reptilian People, and member of its Warrior-Prime class, respected and well-known for his skill and strength in combat.

Khadar and other lizard warriors intervened to defend their territory against the tanks sent by the U.S. Army in the New Mexico desert. They overpowered the soldiers, destroyed the tanks and captured Colonel Butler. A few hours after the end of the battle, Khadar still hid in the debris of the battlefield when a policeman and a woman arrived on the scene. Khadar succeeded in capturing the policeman, Sgt. Whitmore, but had to fight with the woman, a warrior named Ms. Marvel. The battle was fierce and hard, and Khadar found out that the woman was much stronger than the humans he met before. Eventually, surprisingly for the lizards, Khadar lost the fight. Ms. Marvel was captured by Haemon and taken to the lizards’ subterranean colony.

Later, Ms. Marvel defeated the Guardian, a giant serpent, and convinced Aracht’yr to let the human prisoners go free. The prisoners’ memories were scrambled by Haemon’s telepathic powers. Unfortunately, one of the prisoners was a Dire Wraith in disguise who drove her sisters to the People’s town. The Wraiths slew the lizards but some of them hid and survived. Khadar was among the survivors but his children had been killed.

The surviving lizards became exiles until they learnt of the existence of the Savage Land where dinosaurs lived. Under C’rel’s leadership they started a long journey to southern Argentina, where they met the X-Men. Khadar didn’t trust the humans but accepted to follow his leader. The X-Men helped the lizards to cross the Drake Passage to reach the Savage Land.

During the crossing, Brainchild caused an unnatural cataclysm and forced the group to split in three groups. The third group of Lizards, including Khadar, were deceived by Brainchild, to be used in his war against the united tribes and the world. Meanwhile, C’rel and her group were accepted in the Savage Land by the Council of the United Tribes, whose members included evolved dinosaurs.

Brainchild’s rebel Saurian troops attacked, helped by Khadar. Khadar and his brothers rode a herd of T-Rex against the humans. The humans held back the attack helped by the X-Men. Khadar saw C’rel among the humans but believed she was a prisoner. Beast had to knock him out but C’rel and the X-Men convinced Khadar to cease fighting. Two of the split groups of lizards eventually reunited and Khadar and Delage shook hands as a symbol of peace. Later, Brainchild attacked again the United Tribes, flanked by his Mutates and a devolved Storm. Leash controlled the minds of Khadar, of the lizard People, and of Saurians, preventing them from intervening, but eventually Sage succeeded in knocking her down. Once free, the lizards led by Khadar attacked Brainchild’s lair. Khadar, free from the mind-control, full of rage, was ready to slay all the Mutates and also the humans but Bishop stopped him. The Mutates were captured and finally the lizards of the People were accepted in the Savage Land.

Powers and Abilities


Khadar's thick skin provided him with enhanced durability. His talons could rip metal.


He was a good hand-to-hand combatant and also used his tail as additional weapon during combat.

Physical Strength

Khadar was very strong (Class 25) even for a member of the People.

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