Real Name
Captain Kharsa
Khasran (father)
Base of Operations
Mobile in Atlantis and Atlantic Ocean; formerly Mariana Trench
Living Status
Monster; formerly soldier, adventurer


Unusual Skin Color
Blue ; grey as a member of the Black Tide
Unusual Features
Fangs, claws, a dorsal fin, and shark-like fins for feet as a member of the Black Tide.
Atlantean soldier fused with a great white shark by eldritch magic.
Creators and Appearances


Kharsa was an Imperial Atlantean and daughter of Khasran. By the 1930s, Kharsa was a captain in the Atlantean military and the leader of the Swift Tide, an all-female quintet of warriors fighting on behalf of all sea peoples that lived in peace.

On three occasion, the Swift Tide (and at least Kharsa and Sycorax, but not Garanna) stopped assassins at the gates.

Discovering the location of an ancient eldritch artifact called the Unforgotten Stone, the Swift Tide arrived at a diplomatic meeting between the Imperial Atlanteans and the Chasm People, encountering Prince Namor and Lady Dorma of Atlantis. Informing Attukar, king of the Chasm People, and the delegates from Atlantis of what they had discovered, Kharsa led the Swift Tide in repelling an attack by rebel Chasm People; and was impressed by Namor, Dorma, and Attakur's son Attuma joining the fight.

The Swift Tide was dispatched to locate and retrieve the Unforgotten Stone before it could fall into the hands of the surface-dwellers, joined in their mission by Namor, Attuma, and Dorma.[1] Going northwards, the Swift Tide stopped at villages to tell their stories, saving a rural village from a group of bandits. Defeating and pursuing them, the Swift Tide was confronted to an eldritch horror that the bandits fed and thought to master it. Sycorax freed her allies from the horror's mental hold, and Kharsa swiftly destroyed it.

When the Unforgotten Stone was activated by Soviet scientists, the Swift Tide were engulfed by its eldritch power; Kharsa commanded Namor, Dorma, and Attuma to fall back, telling them that if the Swift Tide didn't make it they would need to live to tell their people what had happened. Kharsa ordered Sycorax using her magic to push the three nobles to safety while she led the Swift Tide deeper into the eldritch darkness emitted by the Unforgotten Stone.[2] Along with the other members of the Swift Tide, Kharsa was corrupted by the Unforgotten Stone and merged with her mount, a great white shark - replacing her feet with fins, turning her skin grey and eyes solid black, and giving her fangs and claws. Kharsa redubbed her team the Black Tide and decimated Namor and Attuma's retinue, but was convinced to spare the three nobles by Sycorax, who sensed they too had been affected by the Unforgotten Stone's power. Kharsa led the Black Tide on a rampage, slaughtering the Chasm People and Atlantean delegates at the Orreki Reefs, among them King Attukar,[3] before attacking Atlantis itself.

Frozen in mystical ice by Dorma channeling the power of the Unforgotten Stone, Kharsa and the other members of the Black Tide were banished to the depths of the Harran's Rift,[4] though she swore revenge on Namor and the rest of Atlantis.[1] Decades later, the Black Tide's prison thawed and they were able to roam freely, albeit under guard. Kharsa was reluctantly approached by Namor, who sought the Black Tide's aid in repelling the alien god Knull and his horde of symbiotes.[5] Kharsa and Sycorax were unleashed from the Black Tide's prison to help fight Knull's invasion, the shark-Atlantean hybrid complementing Namor on how he had grown before asking if he was ready to deal with her inevitable betrayal.

True to Kharsa's promise, she and Sycorax escaped during the chaos and returned to Harran's Rift, slaughtering the guards present before freeing the other members of the Black Tide.[4]


Prior to her corruption, Kharsa was a noble soldier steadfastly loyal to the Atlantean Empire.[6] After her corruption, however, she became a bloodthirsty and ruthless berserker desiring nothing less than the slaughter of all other living creatures.[7]

Powers and Abilities


Kharsa is a master swordswoman and military leader, being among the most-skilled in the Atlantean Empire.[1]



Kharsa's personal mount as a member of the Swift Tide was a great white shark,[1] which she was merged with by the Unforgotten Stone.[3]

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