To many, Kherdpur was but a way-stop on the caravan route between Fort Wakla and points north. Conan and Zula were trapped there by the Turanian forces led by Commander Grimm and Major Juma and thrown to the cannibal monsters beneath the city.[1]

While there, Conan and Zula met Princess Yolinda, who was sent to have her babies in Kherdpur, because her father, Yezdigerd, had heard that something in the water or atmosphere of the place that caused many children born there to be grotesque monstrosities; meanwhile, Juma was discovered by Grimm sneaking back to the pit to check on the Cimmerian and cast into the hole too.[2]

As ordered by Yezdigerd, Grimm and his soldiers arrived in the pit to dispatch Yolinda, her children, and the rest of the wretches, but Conan and Zula managed to kill him and save Jula, before escaping the city.[3]

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