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Khonshu is a member of the Ennead, the Heliopolitan race of gods that were worshipped by the people of Ancient Egypt.[8] He is the God of the Moon,[9] who also prided himself in being the protector of travellers in the night.[10] Not being able to enter the Earthly plane, Khonshu has picked countless champions throughout history to work as an avatar and be guided by his will.[11] This Fist of Khonshu dons the identity of Moon Knight, and Marc Spector has become Khonshu's avatar in modern day.[12]



Chons, better known as Khonshu, was said to be the son of Atum (known to the Egyptian gods as Ammon Ra) and of Amaunet, air goddess of the Ogdoad pantheon.[4] Another account stated that Khonshu was in fact the adopted son of Amon Ra.[9]

He was the brother of Montu,[1] and possibly Bes and Ptah,[4] and was brother[1] or half-brother[4] to Bast and Sekhmet.[note 1] According to Knull, Khonshu was actually an "elder shadow, dressed in local legend".[13]

Early Years

Around the year 1,000,000 BC, Khonshu was offended by not having been offered membership of the Stone Age Avengers and chose a mortal avatar - the first known Moon Knight - to enforce his will on Earth and antagonize the Avengers on his behalf, eventually leading to the establishment of the Cult of Khonshu and a succession of Moon Knights.[14]

Khonshu and Ra have been warring against each other for millenia, having been reborn again and again through earthly avatars, with Khonshu beating Ra in every instance.[11] It was later revealed that Khonshu is the God of Time as well as Vengeance.[10]

For some reason, perhaps due to the Ogdoad's aging and dying under unrevealed circumstances,[15] Mut became Khonshu's stepmother.[1]

Young Khonshu

The worship of the Heliopolitans by the inhabitants of the Nile River Valley began around 10,000 BC,[15] although Khonshu was worshiped even before, since prehistoric times.[14]

In 4000 BC, a Moon Knight lived in Mesopotamia. The time travelling Kang's army attacked her and she killed them all. As Kang inevitably arrived to claim the final artifact for himself, the battle is joined, not just for the legacy of Moon Knight's through history but the fate of the entire Universe. However, thanks to some quick thinking of Moon Knight, he seized the final artifact and summoned all of the previous avatars of Khonshu. Outnumbered, Kang was overpowered and frozen within the time-stream while Spector allowed the Mesopotamian Moon Knight to use the combined artifacts for herself to undo the damage Kang had previously committed before she displaced herself in the time-stream to maintain a constant vigil defending the artifacts.[10]

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, Khonshu posed as a human pharaoh at the Egyptian city of Thebes, the seat of worship of Ammon Ra. At the same time, Osiris posed as a mortal ruler in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis.[1] Kang the Conqueror arrived in Ancient Egypt looking for the God of Time Seeking three artifacts joined together in a staff from Khonshu to gain dominion over time, Kang's plot is hampered when the staff is broken, scattering the three components he needs. Seeking assistance, Khonshu summons Moon Knight from the 21st century to help.[10] In 2960 BC, Ravonna operated as the Moon knight during the rule of Rama Tut.[16] His influence reached across time bringing heroes to the future with hopes of defeating Rama tut.[17] In 2490 BC, the West Coast Avengers were stranded in ancient Egypt, Khonshu sought their help to dispose of Rama-Tut.[18] At the same time, Doctor Strange and the Fantastic Four were also there, though all three groups were from different time periods. In the end, Rama-Tut escaped into the time-stream, while Khonshu contacted Marc in the modern day, who was able to bring the Avengers back to the future with the help of Hank Pym and the modern Fantastic Four.[19] During that period, Khonshu dictated his will on Earth to the legendary Egyptian intellectual Imhotep. In 2620 BC, a Moon Knight operated in Egypt. It was during the time the Brood attempted to invade Earth. He teamed up with Imhotep and En Sabah Nur.[20]

Moon Knight's across time

In 300 BC, he selected a Moon Knight who worked as a Gladiator in Ancient Rome and teamed up with a time travelling Marc Spector against Kang's forces.[10] He later killed a Sun King as Rome burned around them.[11] During the Medieval ages he recruited a Moon Knight whom he sent against a Sun King and slaughtered him in battle.[11] Khonshu recruited a Viking Moon Knight, a Pirate Moon Knight, and a Patriot Moon Knight from during the American Revolutionary War at some point and used them in the battle across time against Kang.[10] A Moon Knight was found in the Wild West of the America, employing revolvers loaded with silver bullets. He went up against a Sun King and killed him in a gunfight.[11] A time travelling Marc Spector arrived in 1874 and teamed up with him but unsuccessfully prevented Kang from acquiring one of the magical artifacts lost in the time stream.[10] The next Moon Knight operated in London and teamed up with the time travelling Marc Spector against Kang.[10]

20th century

In 1925, Chicago a Moon Knight operated during the prohibition utilizing a car and a tommy gun. He teamed up with the time travelling Marc Spector against Kang's forces.[10]

In 1942, during World War II, Khonshu helped a group of British Soldiers who stumbled on to his tomb. He appeared in the sky during a battle in the light of a full moon, one of the soldiers catches a glimpse of Khonshu's face in the sky and gets the feeling to warn the other not to advance. The landmines in the area then suddenly detonated, apparently due to the unstable terrain over the tomb, allowing them to win the battle.[21] During the 1940s a Moon Knight fought against a Sun King who was working with the Nazis, killing him in battle.[10] This version met the time travelling Marc Spector who followed Kang to World War II, where he attempted to claim another artifact held within a Nazi stronghold. The 1940s Knight lead his own Allied military unit known as Silver Company before continuing into the time stream.[10]

Later man named Herb Russell killed a police officer and escaped and hid in a museum where a Statue of Khonshu stood. He hid inside a sarcophagus, but Khonshu, meeting out vengeance, closed him inside. When they x-rayed the sarcophagus they found a mummy holding a gun.[22]

Khonshu visited Marc Spector, a young boy whose mind was broken and split into different personalities, and chose him as his avatar. Sadly his family sent him to Putnam Psychiatric Hospital for treatment.[23] After his father's death, Marc was allowed to leave the hospital temporarily to attend the funeral and a late luncheon, but, after hearing Khonshu's voice, he ran away.[24]

Modern Day

Khonshu later resurrected Marc Spector and blessed him with superhuman powers and abilities under the Moon.[12]

When Spector and Marlene travelled to Egypt, she was kidnapped by Jellim Yussaf, who hoped to find the treasure hidden in the Tomb of Seti II. Moon Knight tracked the down and during the fight he found the lost chamber, falling into the arms of a statue of Khonshu. The deity sent a gust of wind, allowing Moon Knight to glide down to knock out Yussaf.[25] Marc decided to retire as a vigilante and sold his statue of Khonshu which was bought by Anubis the Jackal, a former enemy of the Moon Deity. Khonshu visited Marc in his dreams hoping to bring him back as his champion on Earth. He later gave in and travelled to Egypt, where he met the Priests of Khonshu who provided him weapons and a suit designed by the time travelling Hawkeye thousands of years earlier. They informed him that his powers were affected by the phases of the moon and would be strongest at its fullest. Using his newfound powers he defeated Anubis and took back his statue which protected him when the temple collapsed.[26]


When the West Coast Avengers were stranded in the year 2490 BC in ancient Egypt, Khonshu contacted Marc in the modern day, who was able to bring the Avengers back to the future with the help of Hank Pym and the modern Fantastic Four.[27] Afterwards, Khonshu desired to experience being an Avenger, so he made Marc believe it was his destiny to join the Avengers before taking control of his physical body, unbeknownst to anyone. Months later, he was discovered by the Son of Satan, who forced Khonshu out of Marc's body. Marc then decided to leave the Avengers.[28]

When Moon Knight was shot and fell into the waters below he was visited by a vision of Khonshu. Marlene also prayed to the Moon God after having the feeling Moon Knight was dead. Khonshu then used his powers to give him the strength to swim to the surface.[29] Khonshu later returned to tell his servant to "Believe in the truth of your vision".[30]

Khonshu brought Moon Knight to the afterlife and told him about the return of the evil god Seth. It was during this time archaeologist Simon Darkover found the tomb of Seti II and found a Statue of Seth. The statue came to life and grabbed him by the throat. Now with this revelation Moon Knight was returned to the realm of the living.[31] Khonshu later gave him a vision of Seth's new servant Black Spectre.[32] Seth's servant Morpheus sent Bushman to steal the statue of Seth. The ghost of Simon Darkover visited Moon Knight in a dream, but was taken away by Seth.[33] Khonshu again appeared to Moon Knight warning of Seth's attack on multiple world leaders. Bushman helped plant Seth's statue at the United Nations intending for him to inhabit the vessel and use the mystical influence over the UN delegates to plunge Earth into World War III, but Khonshu guided Moon Knight to oppose the plot and defeat Bushman. But during the fight Bushman shattered Moon Knight's leg.[34]


After Moon Knight killed Bushman and cut off his face, Khonshu continually visited him in the form of a faceless Bushman, to reminded him of "his greatest work".[35] He continued to follow him in Bushman's form for the next few missions, taunting him along the way.[36]

Moon Knight failed to stop a murderer from killing a department store Santa Claus and a young couple. He did succeed in capturing him, but the spirit of Khonshu in the form of a horrific Christmas elf and later Santa Claus taunted him for the choices he had made the whole night.[37]

Dark Reign

When Moon Knight returned to New York to become a hero, a small version of Khonshu would continue to hound him. Marc stopped a bank robbery without killing any of the robbers which annoyed Khonshu.[38] Norman Osborn sent the Hood and Profile to deal with the newly reformed Moon Knight.[39] The Hood supernaturally revived Bushman.[40] Moon Knight was ambushed and shot by Bushman. After the two fought, Moon Knight was about to carve off Bushman's face again when a vision of Khonshu appeared, yelling at Moon Knight to obey him. Bushman then pleaded for Moon Knight not to take his face off and Moon Knight reluctantly did not.[41] Khonshu visited Moon Knight who was now operating as Jake Lockley during Shadowland and told him of a weapon that could slay The Beast who had possessed Daredevil. Jake managed to get it, but had to use it to kill Shadowknight, or he would have used a suicide bomb to kill a crowd. After killing his brother Jake reverted back to his Marc Spector personality.[42]

Khonshu helped Marc overcome many obstacles as Moon Knight, but, over the years, Marc went completely insane and disappeared.[43] He later returned to continue his fight, despite his tenuous grip on reality.[44]

After a while, Khonshu seemingly sent Marc and his allies to an illusory mental hospital[45] designed to wear away the last of Marc's mind, thus freeing his body for Khonshu to inhabit and use to enter our world.[46] However, in reality, it was all an imaginary scenario used to cure Marc of his insanity.[47] In it, Marc had a confrontation with his alternate personas and realized that, to become whole again, he couldn't just ignore them, but had to embrace them instead.[48] After returning to the Hospital, he crushed an illusory Khonshu's head and thus reconciled his illness, gaining control over his other personalities once and for all.[49][47]

Return of the Sun King

Khonshu watched over Patient 86 at the Ravencroft Institute, who was being treated by Doctor Emmet, who diagnosed him with bipolar disorder. He had symptoms similar to her former patient Marc Spector, so tried to introduce him to Egyptian mythology. His father Amon Ra also watched over the patient and decided to make him his avatar on Earth the "Sun King" and burned the entire hospital, with a horribly burned Emmet being the only survivor.[50] Khonshu revealed the truth to Moon Knight and all his personalities regarding his father Ra and the origin of the Gods.[51] Ra confronted his son in Moon Knight's mind scolding him and his action when he refused to comply, so he set Khonsu aflame.[52] However, during ritual combat against Sun King, Khonsu convinces the personalities to join forces and become one embracing the crazy and Marc caught a second wind by believing in Diatrice. Marc's strength manifested in a berserker rage he used to defeat Sun King and break his spirit. Following Sun King's admission of defeat, Moon Knight took his followers for himself.[53] Khonsu and the other personalities celebrated the win against Sun King by going on a fishing trip in Moon Knights mind, but was interrupted by Marlene as she wanted to talk to Marc.[54] The personalities later went deeper into Marc's mind and found a crazy world including a city filled with crazy characters.[55] Khonshu and the personalities held back and let Marc keeping his training alone.[56] Shortly afterwards, Moon Knight infiltrated a gathering of the cultist Société des Sadiques after learning that their leader was Ernst. When Marc confronted him, Ernst revealed he had pulled the strings behind their reunion, and intended Marc to join him.[57] After overcoming the Société's physical trials,[56] Khonsu helped Marc keep his beliefs when he was attacked in a personal confrontation with Ernst. Spector managed to reject Ernst, killing him.[58] Afterwards, Khonsu and Moon Knight joined forces with Sun King to take down the remaining acolytes of the Société before they could kill Diatrice in revenge.[59]

Age of Khonshu

Following the fight between Set and Wyrm,[45] Khonshu suffered horrifying prophetic nightmares about the end of the world at the hands of an army of the demon Mephisto and his pandimensional alternate selves. Moon Knight became affected by these visions and confronted Khonshu about them only to find out that the god was a victim of them as much as himself.[60] In order to stop this future from coming to pass, Khonshu had Moon Knight embark on a mission to steal the powers of the modern-day counterparts of the Avengers of the Stone Age, seemingly motivated in part by Khonshu's jealousy that he hadn't been invited into the team's formation a million years ago.[14]

Killing Mephistos

After stealing the powers of Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, the Ghost Rider, and Thor,[61] Moon Knight killed Mephisto. He then gave the stolen powers to Khonshu, and the Moon God took over Manhattan, rechristening it "New Thebes City" and using it as the starting point of a global conquest heralded by the Cult of Khonshu, with the Avengers becoming fugitives due to harboring one of Khonshu's targets, the infant Starbrand. On his throne in New Thebes City, Khonshu was attacked by a hundred different alternate counterparts of Mephisto, though the Moon God managed to easily kill every one of his countless attackers.[14] By the time Khonshu tracked down the baby Starbrand, Moon Knight had become disillusioned by his master, and turned instead to a new power, the Phoenix Force.[62] Becoming the host of the Phoenix, Spector used its power to attack Khonshu, leaving him to be defeated and have the stolen powers stripped from him by the Avengers.[63] Following his defeat, Khonshu was imprisoned in the dungeons of Asgard.[64]


Power Grid[67]
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Khonshu has the conventional powers of the Ennead (the Heliopolitan gods), such as:

  • Superhuman Strength: Khonshu can lift (press) 60 tons.[1]
  • Superhuman Durability: Khonshu possesses superhuman durability that allows him to withstand unspecified levels of injury.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his god-like durability, it is possible to injure Khonshu, but any damaged tissue heals much faster and better than even the healthiest human.
  • Immortality: He is extremely long-lived and is immune to disease and aging.
  • Magic Manipulation: Khonshu can manipulate mystic energies for supernatural effects such as interdimensional teleportation, telepathy, healing the injured, resurrection, earthquakes and to grant superhuman powers to mortal beings such as the Moon Knight.[26][18]
  • Lunakinesis: Khonshu was seemingly able to manipulate objects made out of moonrocks (including Uru).[60]
  • Power Absorption: Khonshu was able to steal the powers of various heroes and store them inside some Ankhs.[61]


  • Super-Genius Intelligence:[4]




Khonshu does not wield any weapons of his own, but he has bestowed power upon several artifacts which have become part of Moon Knight's arsenal for some time.

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