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Chons, better known as Khonshu, was the son of Atum (known to the Egyptian gods as Ammon Ra) and of Amaunet, air goddess of the Ogdoad pantheon.[4] Another account stated that Khonshu was in fact the adopted son of Amon Ra.[8]

He was the brother of Montu,[1] and possibly Bes and Ptah,[4] and was brother[1] or half-brother[4] to Bast and Sekhmet.[note 1]

Early Years

For some reason, perhaps due to the Ogdoad's aging and dying under unrevealed circumstances,[9] Mut became Khonshu's stepmother.[1]

The worship of the Helipolitans by the inhabitants of the Nile River Valley began around 10,000 BC,[9] although Khonshu was worshiped even before, since the prehistoric times.[10] Since then, Khonshu and Ra have been warring against each other, having been reborn again and again through earthly avatars, with Khonshu beating Ra in every instance.[11]

Modern Day

Khonshu resurrected Marc Spector and blessed him with superhuman powers and abilities under the Moon.[12]

Khonshu helped Marc overcome many obstacles as Moon Knight, but, over the years, Marc went completely insane and disappeared.[13] He later returned to continue his fight, despite his tenuous grip on reality,[14] but, after a while, Khonshu seemingly sent Marc and his allies to an illusory mental hospital[15] designed to wear away the last of Marc's mind, thus freeing his body for Khonshu to inhabit and use to enter our world.[16] However, in reality, it was all an imaginary scenario used to cure Marc of his insanity.[17] In it, Marc had a confrontation with his alternate personas and realized that, to become whole again, he couldn't just ignore them, but had to embrace them instead.[18] After returning to the Hospital, he crushed an illusory Khonshu's head and thus reconciled his illness, gaining control over his other personalities once and for all.[19][17]

Following the fight between Set and Wyrm,[20] Khonshu suffered horrifying prophetic nightmares about the end of the world by the hand of an army of the demon Mephisto and his pandimensional alternate selves. Moon Knight became affected by these visions and confronted Khonshu about them only to find put that he was a victim of them as much as himself.[21] In order to stop this future from coming to pass, Khonshu had Moon Knight embark on a mission to steal the powers of the modern-day counterparts of the Avengers of the Stone Age, seemingly motivated in part by Khonshu's jealousy that he hadn't been invited into the team's formation a million years ago.[10]

After stealing the powers of Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, the Ghost Rider and Thor,[22] Moon Knight killed Mephisto. He then gave the stolen powers to Khonshu, and the Moon God took over Manhattan, rechristening it New Thebes City and using it as the starting point of a global conquest heraled by the Cult of Khonshu, with the Avengers becoming fugitives due to harboring one of Khonshu's targets, the infant Starbrand. In his throne in New Thebes City, Khonshu was attacked by different alternate counterparts of Mephisto, though the Moon God managed to easily kill every one of his countless attackers.[10] By the time Khonshu tracked down the baby Starbrand, Moon Knight had become disillusioned by his master, and turned instead to a new power, the Phoenix Force.[23] Becoming the host of the Phoenix, Spector used its power to attack Khonshu, leaving him to be defeated and have the stolen powers strippd off him by the Avengers.[24] Following his defeat, Khonshu was imprisoned in the dungeons of Asgard.[25]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[30]
Energy Projection6
Fighting Skills2
* Khonshu is a teleporter


Khonshu has the conventional powers of the Ennead (the Heliopolitan gods), such as:

  • Superhuman Strength: Khonshu can lift (press) 60 tons.[1]
  • Superhuman Durability: Khonshu possesses superhuman durability that allows him to withstand unspecified levels of injury.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his god-like durability, it is possible to injure Khonshu, but any damaged tissue heals much faster and better than even the healthiest human.
  • Immortality: He is extremely long-lived and is immune to disease and aging.
  • Magic Manipulation: Khonshu can manipulate mystic energies for supernatural effects such as interdimensional teleportation, telepathy, healing the injured, resurrection, earthquakes and to grant superhuman powers to mortal beings such as the Moon Knight.[26][27]
  • Lunakinesis: Khonshu was seemingly able to manipulate objects made out of moonrocks.[21]
  • Power Absorption: Khonshu was able to steal the powers of various heroes and store them inside some Ankhs.[22]


  • Super-Genius Intelligence:[4]




Khonshu does not wield any weapons of his own, but he has bestowed power upon several artifacts which have become part of Moon Knight's arsenal for some time.

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  1. Many of these sibling relationships are questionable in regards to Ra being his adoptive father instead of his father.
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