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When Khruul's sister Lua married a German mercenary, Gustav Brandt, disapproving of the union, Khruul tried to have them murdered, but they escaped. Ten months later Khruul's men tracked them down and attacked them with flame throwers. Lua was killed, but Gustav, though blinded, managed to escape with their daughter, later known as Mantis.[1]

Swordsman was working as a black market runner and enforcer for Khruul in Saigon when he first met Mantis.[2] A year later, learning of his former employer's actions, Swordsman went to Vietnam to confront Khrull. He was defeated and under torture repeated Brandt's tale of the priests of Pama who had raised Khrull's niece. Khrull went to their temple and his minions slaughtered the priests. He fled when the Avengers arrived but was killed by the Star-Stalker,[1] whom the priests had been holding captive.[3]

Years later, The Punisher believed a gang smuggling Black Dust into Manhattan had connections to Khruul or one of his relatives.[4]

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