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Khult was a Deviant from the planet Tebbel. His was the first new world conquered by Lord Tantalus after he enslaved his own world of Armechadon. Khult was spared by the conqueror in part because of his daughter, Nirvana. Nirvana was the product of centuries of genetic breeding to produce a stable line of Deviants. A side-effect was that Nirvana was immune to the lethal "Black Legacy" of Tantalus's touch. Seeing the opportunity to produce heirs long denied him, Tantalus took Nirvana as his bride and Khult as his confidant and court sorcerer.[4]

After conquering four more worlds, Tantalus and Khult were trapped on Earth with a band of followers by the Celestials thousands of years ago. Tantalus believed they were marooned on the undeveloped world because their stardrive was broken, and the trip back to Armechadon would take too long. Khult advised they wait until Earth's level of technology reached the point where they could harness its tech for their own purposes. Secretly, however, Khult's sorcery allowed him to travel home to Armechadon at will, and he set himself up as the Dark Lord.[5]



Khult was a Deviant magician who had lived for thousands of years.

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