Kiber Island is an off shore platform off the coast of Kenya in Africa.


Dr. Frederick Kiber was a scientist who disappeared from public view after announcing his plans to create a means of teleportation. He was assisted by a large number of androids. In a terrible accident, the matter transmitter permanently bonded Kiber’s body with the molecular structure of his laboratory’s floor. Kiber was transformed into a misshapen semi-humanoid mass of protoplasm bonded to the floor, although he could project images of his former appearance. He gained an overwhelming appetite to consume food, and discovered that he could gain energy by absorbing the consciousnesses and life forces of other human beings, feeling that this would lead him to immortality. He ordered his androids to perfect the matter transmitter, and bring victims to him to absorb.[1]

Kiber had captured the Black Panther's cousin Khanata, so the Panther came to Kiber’s island looking for his cousin. The Panther was captured by the androids and was teleported to Kiber’s lair.[2] Fighting his way free, the Panther discovered where Kiber was fused to the floor. He destroyed all the androids, and taking Khanata’s life energy stored in an energy globe, the Panther left Kiber to perish with no energies to replenish himself.[3]

Time Travel

King Solomon's Frogs caused a temporal anomaly that transported Black Panther and his friends to to Kiber Island in the past where they fought Kiber and his drones. They stole his energy device containing the life essences of his victims and were able to return to the future.[4]

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Bruce Banner arrived to help Iron Man and Black Panther with Kiber's Island melt down which could poison 50 million people. Banner quickly realizes this requires Hulk's help more than his, so he Hulks-out. Hulk jumps onto the island and absorbs the radiation it was successful but the energies began to change the Hulk.[5] Amadeus Cho arrived and absorbed the power to transform into Hulk from Banner using special nanites.[6] This was to prevent Banner from melting down and killing countless people.[7]

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