Quote1 I always wondered why nobody did it before me. I mean, all those comic book movies and television shows, you'd think at least one eccentric loner would have stitched himself a costume. Is everyday life really so exciting? Are schools and offices really so thrilling that I'm the only one who ever fantasized about this? C'mon. Be honest with yourself. We all planned to be a superhero at some point in our lives. Quote2
-- Kick-Ass (Dave Lizewski)

Appearing in "Kick-Ass"

Featured Characters:

  • Kick-Ass (Dave Lizewski)

Supporting Characters:

  • Mrs. Zane (teacher)
  • Mr. Lizewski (Dave's father)
  • Dave's friends
    • Toddie
    • Marty
    • Johnny


  • unnamed gangsters
  • unnamed taggers

Other Characters:

  • Katie Deauxma
  • unnamed Armenian hero



  • Baton

Synopsis for "Kick-Ass"

Dave Lizewski, regular high school kid being raised by a widower father, takes it upon himself to become a real life superhero. After getting together a suit and doing some training he confronts his first criminals, which doesn't go well for him.


  • This issue was dedicated to Paul James Downie.


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