Kick was a member of the U-Men. His body was largely cybernetic. He implied that he has encountered Wolverine in the past and that he was responsible for the modifications on him.[1] He engaged the X-Men in a battle when they invaded the a U-Men lab. He was badly wounded by Armor but recovered and tried to attack her with a laser,[2] but Emma Frost protected her by going into her diamond form for the first time. Kick then abandoned the battle to harvest the mutants the U-Men collected. However, Armor attacked again and kicked him into the air. He was then sliced by Wolverine's claws and hit by Cyclops' optic blast, finally putting an end to him.[3]


Kick's cybernetic enhancements gave him several abilities including a flight pack and powerful laser weapons.

  • He is called "Dr. Todd" in the Japanese version of X-Men Anime.
  • Kick likely takes his name from the drug Kick in the 616 Universe.
  • Kick recognizes Wolverine only in the English version of X-Men Anime.

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