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Jack Magniconte was a star football player for the New York Smashers, whose elder brother Steve invented a machine that could increase muscle mass. Unbeknownst to Jack, however, he was one of those affected by the White Event to give him paranormal powers. However, those powers remained latent until they were awakened by exposure to Steve's machine. Jack's physical abilities were boosted to superhuman levels, and his hair turned white as a side-effect.

Jack continued his career as a football player, but found his new powers gave him too much of an advantage. Some loan sharks who Steve owed money to tried to make Steve persuade Jack to throw the Superbowl, but Steve refused and was killed by them in front of Jack. Jack caught their hitman and vowed to use his powers to help others. He, along with three of his former teammates and his businesswoman wife Darlene joined together to form Kickers, Inc. to investigate unusual cases. They soon clashed with the paranormals known as the DP7 when they were tricked by the Clinic into seeing them as dangerous criminals. Jack was also blackmailed into working on clandestine missions for the CIA.

After Pittsburgh was destroyed and the disaster was blamed on foreign paranormals, Jack joined the U.S military as a captain and put in charge of a platoon of drafted paranormals on a mission in South Africa. Jack had left Kickers, Inc. when he joined the military, but the team continued their work to investigate strange phenomena, now led by Darlene.

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