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Appearing in "The Corpse Came F.O.B."

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Synopsis for "The Corpse Came F.O.B."

On summer vacation, the Young Allies decide to take up farm work and are hired to work on a farm in the town of Hampton. Upon their arrival they overhear their employer Mr. Wright, refusing to pay into part of Tony Lucas' protection racket. Lucas and he men attempt to rough up Wright, but the Young Allies step in and fight off Lucas and his men, forcing them to flee.

The boys quickly get to work on the farm, but prove to be accident prone despite their best efforts. When members of the Lucas gang arrive to cause trouble, the Young Allies once more send them packing.

That night the boys attend a dance, where Lucas forces the fiddle player to prepare a "special dance" for the Young Allies. While Kunckles and Tubby are busy romancing a young girl, Bucky, Whitewash and Jeff are tricked into doing the dance that leads them out back of the barn dance and into the back of a truck. They are then locked inside and the truck drives off, with the locals thinking that it is part of some initiation prank. Soon, Knuckles, Tubby and Toro learn that Lucas has captured their friends and rush off to rescue them.

Meanwhile, Bucky and the others are brought to Lucas' freight yard where they attempt to fight their way to freedom but are overpowered and knocked out. They are then tied up and left on a rail road track to be killed by a coming train. However, Toro and the others arrive and free their friends.

Learning that Lucas and his gang had gone to terrorize Mr. Wright again they arrive and round up the gang. Lucas still mocks them as they succeeded to snuff out the smudge pots that protected Wrights fruit from frost. Toro quickly uses his flame powers to keep the plants safe, thus foiling Lucas' plot.

Appearing in "The Vanishing Island"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Slats
  • Happy


Synopsis for "The Vanishing Island"

Jap Buster Johnson and his fellow fighter pilots are sent into action when their battleship is attacked by Japanese fighters. Despite their best efforts, the Japanese fighters disappear, seemingly into thin air. When Johnson reports to his commanding officer, both are confused as to where the Japanese went as there are no ships or islands reported in the area.

Soon the alert is raised again, but they soon realize that the planes approaching their ship are American. Johnson is surprised to find that the planes are flown by his old friends Happy and Slats, who have just been reassigned to Johnson's ship after serving in Europe fighting the Nazis. After a brief reunion, Happy shows off his lucky pair of long underwear and they muse about how they're going to need to shoot down more enemy planes in order to catch up with Johnson's number of kills.

Soon, Happy and Slats go out on patrol and when they return they report to Johnson that they found an island not far from the carrier. Not believing them, as there are no islands on the map, Johnson accompanies them out to find it. When their search turns up nothing, Johnson leaves Slats and Happy to continue their search.

When the pair fail to return to base, Johnson goes out once more and is shocked to find a floating island where there wasn't one previously. Spotting Happy's lucky underwear on the beach, he realizes something happened and lands. To his surprise, Johnson finds a hidden Japanese base. Johnson sneaks onto the base and kills a guard, then frees Happy and Slats. Returning to Johnson's plane, Happy and Slats point out where a Japanese battleship is docked and Johnson blows it up before they return to base.

Appearing in "The Robot Boomerang"

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Synopsis for "The Robot Boomerang"

At the Japanese high command, a Nazi official meets with Japanese commanding officers to plot their next attack on the Allies: Using drone planes mounted on Japanese subs to attack Allied Forces.

Meanwhile, at an Allied base in the South Pacific, the Destroyer is informed that at a Japanese base in Korea something big is going on. The Destroyer smuggles himself into the country and witnesses as Korean workers are being forced to work on something. Jumping a Japanese guard, the Destroyer gets the aid of a Korean worker, with the worker disguising himself as a soldier, and the Destroyer disguising himself as a worker.

Inside the factory, the Destroyer gets the scope of the Japanese plot before his disguise is blown. Doffing his disguise, the Destroyer manages to escape into one of the enemy subs and spots a Nazi general commanding the Japanese. Sneaking into the generals quarters, the Destroyer jumps him and steals his uniform. Then, keeping the Nazi at gun point, the Destroyer forces him to give orders to deploy the subs.

When the Japanese subs reach their destination, the Destroyer -- disguised as the general -- then goes above deck and sabotages the drone planes. When the drones attempt to take off they crash and explode while the Destroyer dives into the ocean. With the Japanese subs destroyed, the Destroyer is picked up by an American plane and brought back to base.


  • At the time of this publication Bucky was identified as James Barnes, however as per the retcon from Captain America #215 this appearance has been attributed to his replacement Fred Davis Jr.

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