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Quote1 Minamoto Samurai Corps!!! Now! We are the last line of defence for the capital! Defeat the evil oni! And we shall protect Kyoto!!! Quote2
Minamoto no Yorimitsu

Appearing in "Episode of 土蜘蛛 (Demon Spider)"

Featured Characters:

  •  Kid Venom (Kintaro/Sakata Kintoki) 

Supporting Characters:

  • Clinter Symbiote
  • Usui Sadamitsu (First appearance)
  • Minamoto no Yorimitsu


  • "Oni"
    • Tsuchigumo/The Vacant Oni
    • Shuten Doji (First full appearance)
    •  Ibara 

Other Characters:

  • Minamoto Samurai Corps (First appearance)
    • Watanabe no Tsuna (First appearance)
    • Urabe no Suetake (First appearance)
  • Abe no Seimei (First appearance) (Silhouette)

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Episode of 土蜘蛛 (Demon Spider)"

On May 5th, 977, Usui Sadamitsu irately leaps from branch to branch as he searches the forest for Kintaro, complaining that the boy said he'd be back by dawn and is inconveniencing their master by being late. Elsewhere in the forest, Kintaro lies dazed amidst the roots of a tree, asking his symbiote, Clinter, why the oni they're fighting won't die no matter how much of it they eat; noting that its memories are blank. As Kintaro picks himself up, Clinter protests that it can't eat any more and Kintaro retorts that they'll just keep fighting until it works up an appetite again. Roaring, a symbiote tsuchigumo prepares to attack only to be decapitated by Usui Sadamitsu using a scythe of magical energy. Landing, Sadamitsu berates Kintaro for wasting his time fighting a small-fry, only to be caught off-guard when Kintaro points out that the tsuchigumo is still alive. As it begins manifesting humanoid offshoots, Kintaro explains that he was having trouble defeating it due to not being able to reach its host's memories, and theorizes that it doesn't even have a host in the first place. Sadamitsu laughs, saying that if there's no host there's no need for them to hold back, and scoffs at Kintaro to stay out of his way.

Later, an exhausted and battered Sadamitsu and Kintaro arrive at the mansion of Minamoto no Yorimitsu in Kyoto. Greeting them, Yorimitsu--seated with his retainers Watanabe no Tsuna and Urabe no Suetake--asks why they're late. Following the explanation, Yorimitsu and his retainers examine a strange red purse-like fabric object with a black spider-web pattern and large white lenses, wondering what it could be. Musing that it must have something to do with the tsuchigumo's ability to survive without a host, Yorimitsu orders Kintaro to take it to Abe no Seimei for analysis after his upcoming coming-of-age ceremony. After bathing, Yorimitsu helps Kintaro dress in a ceremonial kimono, Sadamitsu playfully bickering with Kintaro and Suetake. Wishing Kintaro a happy 14th birthday, Yorimitsu says his parents would be proud.

In the forest, Shuten Doji--source of the oni scourge--grins and says he's finally found Clinter. Turning to his son Ibara, Shuten tells him to take care of his daughters--a horde of tsuchigumo--as they are not used to the mortal world.

At his mansion, Minamoto no Yorimitsu bestows Kintaro with the surname Sakata and the new forename Kintoki. As Minamoto prepares to reveal something about Kintoki's father, Suetake tackles Sadamitsu to the ground and stabs next to his face with a flaming arrow, scorching his cheek. As Sadamitsu demands to know what Suetake is doing, the archer snaps to look closely and reveals he impaled a still-living piece of the tsuchigumo that Sadamitsu and Kintoki had fought. As Suetake berates Sadamitsu for not making sure he burnt all the oni to ashes, the ground begins to shake. Yorimitsu wonders if it's an earthquake, but Kintoki senses danger and tells Yorimitsu to run. A massive horde of tsuchigumo arrive with Ibara standing on one's neck. As Ibara orders the tsuchigumo to attack, Yorimitsu calls out to Tsuna, who conjures a massive wave of flames with onmyōdō, driving the tsuchigumo back. On Yorimitsu's command, Suetake lights three arrows on fire and fires them into the eyes of three of the tsuchigumo. Yorimitsu orders Kintoki to get the mysterious pouch to Seimei and find out how the barrier around Kyoto was breached, snapping Sadamitsu out of his terror-induced fugue state and ordering him to protect Kintoki at all costs. Rallying the rest of the Minamoto Samurai Corps, Yorimitsu commands them to hold the line and protect Kyoto from the oni onslaught.

Solicit Synopsis


• JAPAN, 977. KID VENOM has made his presence known to the evil symbiotes taking people and creatures hostage…but who else has their eye on Kintaro and his symbiote?

• The world of KID VENOM expands as new characters and dangers are revealed!

• Breakout manga creator TAIGAMI continues his vision of KID VENOM in this brand-new series!

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