Kierrok led the N'Garai and their ceremonies to awaken the giant Dweller in Darkness for a mission of devastation on Earth (and for the N'Garai to feast on the remains) (such mission was foretold in the ancient R'lyeh Texts).

He performed a ceremony from Salem Center's city hall on the town outskirts to drag millions of his kind into Earth realm, with the next action would be to awaken the Dweller.

Following the information given to him by occultist Erich Zann (ensured by a pact to be unharmed , and helped by the X-Men, Cyclops was able to stop Kierrok and to acquire the Book of R'lyeh who contained the counter-spell (that would have had as effect to also banish the user along with the N'Garai) but couldn't decipher it. Zann timely returned, moved by Cyclops' determination, and executed the spell, banishing himself in the process and redeeming his family.[1]

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