Kig was one of the six scientists who were part of Dargin Bokk's project to create 5 Darkhawk armors. Kig was a scientist from a planet where the populace had nearly all been consumed by a techno-virus and turned into machines. Kig had learned how to control and contain this virus. Kig's participation in the project was not voluntary as he had a bomb strapped to his neck to ensure his compliance.

Kig and the other scientists rebelled against Bokk stealing the Darkhawk armors. Kig was presumably killed in the battle.

As their were 5 armors and 6 scientists it's not entirely clear if Kig got a Darkhawk armor. Byron, Mondu, Mandeja and Ocsh were confirmed to have armors. It's unclear if the fifth armor went to Graczia or Kig.[1]

  • Because of the revelations of War of Kings: Ascension Vol 1, Kig's existence is likely a complete fabrication or hallucination caused by Chris Powell's attempts to bond with the Raptor armor.

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