Not much is known about the Kigor prior to one crash-landing in the Soviet Union and taking over the body of the statue It the Living Colossus. As It, the alien battled the Soviet military until being rescued by its fellow aliens.[1]

Later the Kigor decided upon a plan to invade Earth. Several of them returned to Earth and once again entered the giant statue of It, which was now on display in America. The creature went on a rampage towards Hollywood where Robert O'Bryan had built an even larger statue filled with explosives as a trap for the aliens. The aliens fell for the ruse and entered the larger statue, which was then detonated destroying the alien invasion force.[2]

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The Kigor were telepathic, able to send their thoughts into the minds of others. They also seem to possess the power to enter inanimate objects and imbue them with their own consciousness, which was shown on at least two occasions with their use of It the Living Colossus.

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