The Kilgore Sentinel was a Hadron-class Sentinel model designed to destabilize mutant nations. It was bonded with the black box so that Dimitrios and Joanie could use it to wreak havoc in Washington, D.C. and, more importantly, destabilize the Avengers A.I. The Vision managed to override Dimitrios' program and recovered the Kilgore Sentinel to its function of saving humans, but it was destroyed by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, who didn't know the Sentinel was on their side.[1]


Presumably the Kilgore Sentinel possessed many of the traits of an average Sentinel, but rather than focusing on capturing single mutants, it was intended for the purposes of battling nations of mutants, like Genosha or Utopia, and thus was likely to use more lethal armaments.

  • While unconfirmed, given its name, the Kilgore Sentinel was more than likely produced by Kilgore Arms, a company belonging to Kade Kilgore, leader of the Hellfire Club known for his anti-mutant sentiment and activities as a Sentinel dealer and creator.

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