The man known only as Kilgore Slaughter (presumably not his real name) was a potholer who was exploring caves in the Scottish Highlands when the arrival of a craft containing a Time Traveler from the future caused a 'reality wave' which transformed him into something more than human. The now fiercely glowing Slaughter, who had acquired apparently limitless powers, subsequently used his abilities to save the Time Traveler and his companion, McMurdo from killer robots from the former's home time period. Learning from the wizard Merlyn that his powers had been bestowed on him so that he could achieve a great destiny, Slaughter traveled into the future and apparently destroyed the Time Traveler's entire corrupt civilization inside thirty minutes before returning to the present day and his new companions. His subsequent whereabouts and activities are unknown.[1]


Energy projection on a colossal scale; other unspecified powers.

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