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The Kill Crew were a team of mercenaries associated with Ben Reilly during his time as the Jackal. He deployed them to deal with a few of the clones he created that had escaped his facility.

Following Reilly's downfall, his fellow clone, the other Scarlet Spider, began to track him down. When he broke into one of Ben's old office buildings to retrieve information, Reilly sent the Kill Crew to take him down. Tango and Foxtrot tried but failed to shoot him down, and Scarlet Spider escaped. However, Victor and Whiskey were waiting for him to return to a wherehouse were he had had Rita Clarkson kidnapped.[1]

When Scarlet Spider returned to the warehouse and noticed Clarkson was gone, Victor launched a missile from a rooftop nearby which exploded the building. However, Scarlet Spider escaped in the nick of time and attacked the mercenaries by surprise. After easily taking them down, Scarlet Spider threated them not to cross his path again.[2]

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