The beast known as the Killer was a half-crocodile, half-ape creature of unknown origins. It stalked the jungles of the Congo jungle during the 1950s. In 1954, the Congolese government hired explorer Greg Knight to hunt and kill the creature. However, Greg never had the opportunity as the creature crossed paths with his frequent companion Lorna the Jungle Girl who made it her mission to stop the Killer herself. When the creature attacked a nearby village, Lorna attacked it and tricked it into chasing her into the jungle, there she lured the giant beast to the edge of a cliff. She knocked the creature over the edge, causing it to fall to its death.[1]


With a body of a gorilla, the Killer presumably had the strength of a gorilla, which far exceeds that of a human. Its claws and teeth were likely used as weapons, and its crocodilian jaws could presumably be used to clamp down on prey and enemies with a great deal of force.


The Killer could be easily outwitted. It also wasn't durable enough to survive a long fall off a cliff.


Its claws and teeth

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