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"Killer" Brogan

Killer Brogan was a mobster that was active in the Red Valley area of the United States during the 1940's. By 1942, he learned that long time resident "Old Man" John Lester had a mine on his property that led directly under Red Valley. Taking Lester hostage in his own home, Borgan created a lifelike mask and posed as Lester and hid out on the property with his gang while he planned his heist. To this end, Borgan as "Lester" drove those who came to visit away.

This proved to be his undoing when Mark Todd (secretly the Blazing Skull), a long time family friend of Lester, came for a visit. When Brogan chased the hero away with gunfire, he decided to investigate as the Blazing Skull. That night, Brogan (disguised as Lester) used the mine shaft to rob the local bank. He killed the security guard on staff that night, making sure that he was seen as Lester. Rushing back to Lester's home, Brogan was confronted by the Blazing Skull. Brogan and his gang knocked the hero and locked him in the same room as the real Lester.

Planning to leave Lester to take the rap for his crime, Brogan then went to eliminate the Blazing Skull, who turned the tables and beat the gang into submission. As the authorities arrived to arrest the gang, Brogan escaped into the mine. Fighting the Blazing Skull within the shaft, Brogan caused a cave-in that crushed him to death with tons of rock.[1]


Killer Brogen briefly used a lifelike mask to disguise himself as John Lester


Brogen carried a pistol.

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